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The Gospel of Luke: Reading for Transformation

Start Date: Mar 09, 2022

In this class, we’ll explore simple techniques for Bible-reading that will help people new to the Bible find their footing, and long-time readers hear the stories of Jesus in fresh and surprising ways. We’ll read Luke not just for information but for transformative impact, asking what it means to be true followers of the Jesus-Way.

Wednesday nights, 6:30-7:30pm CT

Class Format: Online via Zoom
Duration: 8 weeks
Instructor(s): Meghan Good

Dr. Meghan Larissa Good is the author of The Bible Unwrapped: Making Sense of Scripture Today and Teaching Pastor at Trinity Mennonite Church (Phoenix, AZ). She is a frequent preacher and lecturer at churches and universities across the country, speaking on subjects such as biblical hermeneutics and contemporary preaching.

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"I'm so thankful to have found the podcasts in the last couple of months! The Lord has really been using them to encourage me and my family! "

– Mindy, from Georgia