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There are three options depending on where students choose to live:

Option 1: Living in SOMA Community Housing: $6950

  • Covers program costs plus room and board
  • Students will purchase their own groceries and will receive back a monthly food stipend that is included in tuition costs*

Option 2: Living in Host Homes: $5950

  • Covers program costs plus host-home stipend
  • Students’ meals are covered by host families, and hosts will receive a monthly hosting stipend that helps defray some food and utilities costs*

Option 3: Living at home: $5150

  • Covers program costs
  • Students are on their own for food*

*Lunches Monday-Friday and meals during missional trip and other ministry outings are covered by tuition

What’s included?

All three of the options above include:

  • Books and materials
  • Equipment and facilities
  • Special events and outside speakers
  • Missional justice trip

Payment of fees

  • Application fee – $25 (non-refundable)
  • Deposit of $500 is required upon acceptance into the program
  • Full balance of fees is required before classes begin on September 14, 2018.
  • Special arrangements may be considered on a case by case basis


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"My counselor emailed me the True You sermon from your Overwhelmed series to help me believe who God says I am, which was a game changer for sure."

– MK, from Arizona