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Esperanza Viva

Esperanza Viva

“Will you help me?” These were the words of Juan, an eight year-old gang member living a life of begging, theft, and child prostitution. These are the words of countless other children, throughout the world, as they look for any form of help in a world that ignores them.

In 1994, Esperanza Viva Youth Home was founded with the purpose of helping these forgotten children who live in a world of people who don’t see them. Esperanza Viva, a home for abandoned and at-risk children, is the heart of Living Hope International (LHI). Through the ministry of Esperanza Viva more than 400 children have been cared for, educated at the on-site school, and introduced to a God who loves them.

Living Hope International’s mission is to provide for the emotional, physical, educational, and social needs of at-risk children, youth, and families, as well as to equip, support, and send leaders to provide similar services throughout the world.
Other integral parts of the ministry of LHI is Nations Church, dedicated to training and equipping individuals and families for ministry, and La Viña Practical Ministry Training Center, an international school for training youth to effectively serve the Lord.

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Location: Puebla, Mexico
Website: http://www.LoveHopeMercy.org
Contact Email: livinghope@lovehopemercy.org
Phone: (262) 381-0121

Living Hope International
P. O. Box 116
West Bend, WI 53095


"We have been podrishioners for several months. Our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids moved back to California after living in MN for 10 years. They attended Woodland Hills for about a year before they moved. Now we all go to the beach together on Thursdays, come home and have dinner together, then we watch last Sunday’s sermon together. It is a special day for our family."

– Dale and Patricia, from California