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Care Partner

The role of a Care Partner is to be a companion on an individual’s journey by listening, being present, and offering compassion and acceptance. Care Partners bring with them the caring presence of God and the community, helping to connect the individual with the church. A Care Partner will listen and respond with support and concern, and will encourage growth out of difficult situations. Through visits of about an hour every week or two, Care Partners are available to help weather a difficult time in someone’s life.

Frequency: Once a week
Day of the Week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Time of Day: Flexible
Contact Person: Rob
Phone: 651-287-2065
Email: rkistler@whchurch.org

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"I'm so thankful to have found the podcasts in the last couple of months! The Lord has really been using them to encourage me and my family! "

– Mindy, from Georgia