Study Guide: Coronavirus Q&A

Sunday April 5, 2020 | Greg Boyd, Kevin Callaghan, Sandra Unger

Brief Summary:

People have a lot of questions about what God is doing during this pandemic. In this teaching, leaders from Woodland Hills address questions that have been submitted over the last few weeks.

Extended Summary:

During the last few weeks, we have been inviting people to submit questions related to their experience of the pandemic. We have not had enough time to address some really good questions that have been sent in. Therefore, we took our entire teaching time to respond. Some of them include:

Through this interaction, you will learn about ways to interact with other people who are blaming God for the pandemic, how to to deal with anxiety and isolation, and how to be the church when we cannot meet together in buildings. This guidance will empower you to live in peace and hope during this time of uncertainty.

Reflection Questions: