Study Guide: Is It Worth It?

Sunday January 4, 2004 | Greg Boyd

Focus Scripture:

Brief Summary:

In this first service of the year, Greg took a moment to reflect on what we are doing here. It is important to make an honest assessment of what progress we're making in advancing the kingdom of God. We inevitably face opposition in this world, but the task before us is worth the sacrifices that will need to be made.

Extended Summary:

This first service of the year 2004 Greg took a moment to reflect back on what we are doing here. It is important to make an honest assessment of what is going on and what needs to change. It is easy to get discouraged when we live in a world so conformed to lies about who God is and what life is about. Greg expressed his own cynicism–but also shared some verses that challenge his ability to stay there. Paul speaks powerfully about standing firm in the position of obedience because the labor that we do for God is never in vain. (1 Cor. 15:58). In another passage, Paul encouraged Christians to “hold fast to the word of life”. There is something about working for the kingdom that causes us to face opposition in this world. When this comes, the word is clear, stand firm, hold fast, press on, keep running, etc. These are the kinds of phrases that the leaders of the church used to remind people that the task before them is worth the sacrifices that become inevitable.

Greg took time to express some of his frustrations that emerged as a result of not seeing certain expectations met, but then the focus shifted to recognizing what God DID manage to get done here at WHC in the last year or so. In other words, he took some time to brag on God…here are some of the highlights:

These are just some of the ways that God has seen fit to bless us and use us to further the Kingdom! We need to express our appreciation for the opportunity to participate with God in this way!

Reflection Questions:

  1. Think about some of the frustrations that you may have faced over the course of this last year or so. Where there some goals or expectations that you had that were not met?
  2. Now, looking back over the same time period, consider what it may have been that God was doing; either through you or even despite your intentions! How have you seen God move in this last year?
  3. Consider the two verses that Greg read to us this last weekend (1 Cor. 15:58; Phil. 2:16). What is it that you think God is asking you to stand firm in? What will “holding fast to the word of life” look like for your next few months?