Study Guide: Moving Forward

Sunday November 1, 2020 | Cedrick Baker, Emily Morrison, Kevin Callaghan, Paul Eddy

Brief Summary:

This final sermon is a panel discussion that addresses practical issues of being a Kingdom ambassador who offers Jesus' kind of love in the divisive political environment that we experience today.

Extended Summary:

In this final sermon of the “A House Divided” series, three leaders from Woodland Hills—Paul Eddy, Cedrick Baker, and Kevin Callaghan—share key points from the series and address final questions that have been raised.

In this conversation, we revisit the fact that the way of Jesus is the way of a distinct Kingdom that does not align with the common political systems of the world. This approach is not anti-politics; it is Kingdom politics which must define the way that we are citizens within the world. We are called to be Kingdom ambassadors who address issues in the world in a way that is shaped by Jesus’ way.

The way of Jesus is based in love, as God is love. Jesus’ love for people did not depend on whether or not they agreed with him or shared his Kingdom principles. In fact, the love that Jesus offered the world did not change in the process of being killed by the people that he loved. This is a challenge for us in the current hotbed of political vitriol. This call to love others who do not see things the way that we do hits us in the face every day and it raises all kinds of practical questions for how we move through our daily lives. The panel addresses practical issues in response to ground-level questions raised during this series.

Reflection Questions: