Study Guide: Doubling Down

Sunday January 10, 2021 | Greg Boyd

Focus Scripture:

Brief Summary:

This short sermon and panel discussion challenge us to respond to God’s call to offer ourselves totally and completely to God by embracing spiritual disciplines that will shape our lives.

Extended Summary:

This final sermon in the Salt and Light for a Changing World series is actually a panel discussion followed by a short reflection by Greg. The panelists include Shawna Boren, Rob Kistler, Kevin Callaghan and Paul Eddy. The panelists address the following questions:

In Greg’s reflection, he offers a challenge to embrace disciplines because the Christian walk is akin to a race, as suggested in the focus scripture. Just as Christ ran the race, we too run as we put our focus on Christ, who is our model. With this in mind, Greg raises the question that God spoke to him: “Is this your best?”

If we are not giving God our best, God invites us to repent so that we can enter into the training, to develop a way of life that reflects the life of Christ. To partner with Christ in this race, it requires our all, not a part of who we are. Jesus gave his all for us and invites us to give our best, and this is what God uses to release his life in the world.

Reflection Questions: