Study Guide: The Choke

Sunday November 24, 2013 | Greg Boyd

Focus Scripture:

Brief Summary:

In America, we’ve been conditioned to always stretch our budget and time to get the next best thing. But God is calling us to a simpler lifestyle that will not choke our Kingdom purpose. In this sermon, Greg points out some practical tips to grow the Kingdom seed in our lives.

Extended Summary:

We’ve been focusing on a message for simplicity for the past few weeks. We’ve learned that we live in a warzone, even though our culture wants us to think we’re constantly on vacation. And we’ve found that there are powers out there that want to make us constantly uncomfortable with where we are and to concentrate on keeping all of our stuff as well as striving for the next thing. Often, this leads to the detriment of our Kingdom purpose.

We are called to yield to the seed of the Kingdom of God in our lives. In Matthew, it describes ways that the seed is kept from growing. One of the ways, and the way in which America is most deceived, is the wealth of the world choking the life of the Kingdom. And it’s not that wealth inherently chokes out the seed of the Kingdom. Rather, it’s the deceptiveness of wealth.

The deceptiveness of wealth tells us that we never have enough. In the video we watched this week, there were constantly things that needed to be upgraded to feel satisfied. Most American families feel that tension to constantly improve what they have because our culture has conditioned us to never feel satisfied with where we are. Because we live in a warzone, this world wants to destroy the seed of the Kingdom in our lives.

To stop this choking, we first need to get all our life from Christ. This means that we need to be satisfied solely in Christ. Not in our possessions, our status, or our achievements. Only in Christ should we find our satisfaction. Without this, it doesn’t matter what things we change in our lives because the root problem will still be there.

Second, we need to start living with a warfare worldview. American culture is conditioned to live in a vacation lifestyle where we need to constantly be in comfort. But the Kingdom is under attack from the powers and authorities of the Enemy. And if we aren’t aware that we’re in a battle, we are doing ourselves and the Kingdom a disservice. We are allowing our seed to be choked.

Third, we need to break out habit cycles. We have grown accustomed to our vacation lifestyle in America. We need to break out of the habits that we’ve developed. Instead of buying the next new thing, we need to wake up to how we spend our money. Instead of spending all our time advancing careers or our own interests, we need to wake up to how we spend our time. Breaking these habit cycles is a key to living a different life.

Finally, we need to explore practical ways to change our lives with others. When we invite other people into the process, we can gain other creative ways of changing our own lives. We get new ideas that we might not be able to see ourselves. And, we gain someone who can help us walk through the changes.

We need to be careful and not let our Kingdom seed be choked out by the deceptiveness of wealth. It’s our life’s work to help that seed turn into a growing and thriving plant. To do that, we need to wake up to the ways in which we’ve been conditioned by our culture, especially the culture of consumerism that pervades America.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What additional questions and comments did you have about the sermon and supporting texts?
  2. Do you think you’re choking or nursing the Kingdom seed in your life? How?
  3. What do you see as your specific gift to use in the Kingdom?
  4. How have you seen wealth choke out others’ Kingdom seed? How have you seen it in your own life?
  5. What would God have you begin to do, right now, to make space for this seed to grow?