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Recent Sermons

In addition to sermon audio and video files, many of our sermons have other resources available like extended summaries and study guides. Our archive dates back to 1992 and all resources are free to download and distribute. Most sermons are by our Senior Pastor, Greg Boyd.

Devoted to Prayer

• Greg Boyd

Revivals don't happen by accident. There is a spiritual law of cause and effect, just as there is a physical law of cause and effect. Prayer causes God's will to be done in the world. The cause is prayer, the effect is the Holy Spirit fighting for us against the kingdom of darkness.

Devoted to Truth

• Greg Boyd

Above all else, the early church desired to follow the Holy Spirit. They were lead by the Spirit to devote themselves to the Apostles' teachings.(Acts 2:42). They pledged themselves, submitted to, came under the word of God.

Tell me the Truth (1994)

• Greg Boyd

Often today, Christians attempt to witness to non-believers out of a sense of obligation and guilt. If the power of the Holy Spirit is not behind that witnessing, however, those attempts will be largely futile. As much of the church today is unhealthy, so also the church's attempts at witnessing are often unhealthy.

A Church without Walls

• Greg Boyd

Since about the 4th century, the Christian church has adopted the pagan idea that the church is to be made up of a religious professional and his audience. The professional (called father, reverend, etc.) does the religious stuff whilst the congregation sits back and enjoys the show.

Peace Makers

• Greg Boyd

Our peace of mind must be based on God's passionate love for us, not on the state of the world around us. We must receive that unconditional peace (which only comes from God) before we can become peacemakers. We must experience the fact that the world can't give us peace, only Jesus can.

The Prince of Peace

• Greg Boyd

We were created with a need for unconditional love. To the degree that we don't receive it, we die.

Taking Down the Walls

• Greg Boyd

In our society there is a deepening divide between the races. Participation in hate groups is growing by leaps and bounds. One group elevates itself and puts down all others. From the beginning, God has hated racism.

The Age of Rage

• Greg Boyd

Jesus was born into a “jungle,” a world that was (and is) a war zone between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

Building Quality Time

• Greg Boyd

There seems to be less time available for important things now days. But love cannot be rushed. Relationships are built by taking time for each other.

Building Positive Discipline

• Greg Boyd

How does God discipline his children? What does his discipline look like in our lives? What is his motivation in disciplining us? How and when should we discipline our children?
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"For so many years, I have been blessed by your music ministry. It takes me to a place that evokes so many emotions and feelings: gratefulness; honor; love; joy; hope; peace; strength. My heart feels connected to the heart of God over and over again as we worship together."

– WH Attender