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Sharing Space

Other On-Site Churches

For many years, we’ve been able to offer space in our building for a number of congregations to hold their services. Currently we’re hosting three:


Focuses on building strong families and marriages through prayer and fellowship. They also emphasize missions and evangelism.

  • Saturdays at 7:00 pm

Golgotha Grace Church

This is a space of worship where all are welcome no matter their background. They are passionate about serving and helping others. As more refugees arrive from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the church is growing and has doubled in size since November 2018.


This multi-generational church values their inheritance of faith and the richness of Hmong culture. As a congregation, they study scripture, worship, serve different ministries and grow together in fellowship.


"I was incredibly blessed by everyone who came out to the clean-up event to serve neighborhood seniors. It literally brought me to tears knowing that there are amazing people out there restoring my hope in what it means to love and serve each other."

– Merrick Community Services staff member