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Sojourners Missional Communities


The Sojourners Community is an intentional covenant community within Woodland Hills Church. Sojourners exists to continue the mission of God in our generation by living as a covenant community that reflects the character and represents the mission of Christ through intentional discipleship and missional action. Members of Sojourners make covenant commitments to shared practices in three areas of life:


Mutual discipleship takes place within two weekly meetings: a weekly house church gathering of 15-30 adults where we each see ourselves as ministers to each other and share the various gifts of the Holy Spirit that flow through us, and a weekly core discipleship group of 3-5 people who come together to share and pray more deeply and specifically with each other. Everyone in Sojourners also commits to practicing personal spiritual disciplines on their own as part of their
discipleship journey.


Covenant relationships involve us taking seriously Jesus’ teaching that we are a new spiritual family in Christ by prioritizing time and resources to be able to support and build each other up in our faith; meeting each other’s practical and relational needs; and learning to live out together the radical and counter-cultural interpersonal teachings of the Bible, which are collectively
known as agape love.


Missional witness involves us being intentional about incarnating the gospel in our character and lifestyle to those around us; demonstrating God’s love and justice through acts of service and compassion; and verbally sharing our faith and experiences of the reality of Jesus’ love with others.

Sojourners Communities

We currently have two missional communities, one that is in the central-eastern metro area, and one that is on the Minneapolis/west suburbs side of town.

If you are interested in connecting to hear more about Sojourners or visiting a gathering, please contact Kevin Callaghan at


"The best thing about The Refuge support groups is the super nice people! This place is such a blessing. We love the dinner, the music and the different guest speakers."

– Support group participant