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Creation Care

We believe that Creation Care is an integral part to the four dimensions of love we talk about here at Woodland (love of God, Self, Others and Creation). When we take a look at how we humans have been doing at that, well, it’s not so great…

But there is hope! Change starts with the individual, in both learning and taking action, which is why we’re putting together this collection of Creation Care ideas and resources.

Select a category to take a look at the ideas submitted, join in the conversation by adding comments and submit your own ideas below!

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Creation Care sermons

Towards the end of our Cross Examination sermon series, Greg gave numerous sermons on the topic of Creation Care. You can find them here (they’ll be the ones from August 28-September 25).


"I am a podrishioner that just wanted to say thanks for sharing Woodland Hills through podcasts and videos. This is my place to get a spiritual refill, and it’s where I get most of my teaching from. Since I've starting following you four years ago, my view on God, myself and other people has radically been changed. Thanks so much, and keep sharing the Kingdom!"

– Knut-Inge, from Norway