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Vessels is the young adult ministry of Woodland Hills, where we work to experience Kingdom community with folks entering or settling into adulthood. Our group’s age range is 18 to 20s. Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging and connection while we grow spiritually together. We have weekly gatherings, and we’re working on plans to have monthly social events to hang out and connect while following COVID safety guidelines. Through this ministry, we pray that God pours into us and fills us up so that we are overflowing! From that overflow we can then pour into others.


Vessels’ weekly gatherings will be from 6:30-8pm on Monday evenings. We’ll begin the evening with a worship experience followed by a lesson and group discussion. Singing is permitted with the use of a face covering. We’re also inviting the group to express their worship through prayer, meditation, writing and art! If you’d like to write or draw during worship, please bring your own supplies (notebook, pen, etc.). Please review our COVID-19 Safety Precautions before attending our weekly gatherings.

Weekly Gatherings COVID Safety Precautions


Vessels’ monthly gatherings will be 7-9pm on Friday evenings. These will be social events for us to hang out and have fun together, and each gathering will look a bit different than the last! For details, be sure to check our social media accounts (Instagram/Facebook), or email Danny at dchurchill@whchurch.org to get added to the Vessels Email list. Please review our COVID-19 Safety Precautions before attending our monthly gatherings.

Monthly Gatherings COVID Safety Precautions


"I began listening to WHC podcasts a little over 3 years ago and my spiritual life became extremely rich as a result. I have learned so much!"

– Scott