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Woodland Hills has always believed that we are all ministers and missionaries for the Kingdom of Jesus. We have also emphasized practical and transformative equipping that addresses the minds, hearts, lifestyles and relationships of Jesus-followers. Our hope is that by doing so, we will impact the world around us in a Jesus-looking way!

Our SOMA school invites people into an intensive discipleship experience to help us achieve this vision. But not everyone is able to be a part of a full-time program like SOMA, so, we have taken the basic SOMA curriculum and adapted it into a three-year, part-time, fully online “seminary for everybody.”

SEM Basics

  • School year runs mid-September through mid-May
  • Classes are online twice a week: Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9pm, and Sunday mornings from 8-9:30am (Central Time)
  • Weekly coursework outside of class includes: Readings, watching videos, reflection activities, personal impact papers, and scripture study
  • Each of the three years focuses on a different area of spiritual/ministry formation:
    1. Forming a Jesus-centered worldview and meta-narrative of the Bible
    2. Forming a Jesus-anchored identity and a Jesus-like character and relationships
    3. Forming a Jesus-looking theology and ministry skills


This program is part of the Kingdom movement that is rising up around the world. It’s one way for people to network with other like-mind believers, and to get trained on how to participate in the movement.
— Greg Boyd, Senior Pastor


What can someone do who has a deep desire to become trained and shaped in the ways of Jesus, and yet already has a full schedule and a busy life? I am excited about SEM because it offers a practical and do-able solution!
— Paul Eddy, Teaching Pastor


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"I have battled anxiety for years, searching for something to help me overcome fear. I believe that through your sermons, I have found truth and I am more convinced of the extravagant love of God than ever. I finally feel like I am on the journey out of the darkness."

– Amanda, from Nebraska