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On Earth As In Heaven

Jun 06 2021 • Greg Boyd, Guest Panelists, Hank Johnson, Leanne Friesen, Osheta Moore, Shawna Boren

On Earth As In Heaven is a mini-series we’ve done in collaboration with The Meeting House, our neighbors up in Ontario, and the Jesus Collective — a movement we’re part of whose mission is to serve a Jesus looking God while raising up a Jesus looking people in a Jesus kind of way!

The three week series we have here is all about what it means to be a Kingdom, Jesus-centered people striving to live out faith on Earth As Is In Heaven.

Sermons in this series:

Future People

• Meghan Good

God’s complete Kingdom that is coming in the future overlaps with the present reality of the world. In the midst of this overlap, we are called to live out the future in the present life that in reality, falls short of God’s Kingdom vision.

We Are the Church

• Hank Johnson

The Kingdom of God is the present realization of God’s fully redeemed future, and the coming of the Spirit upon the church is the primary means for seeing the present Kingdom come.

Topics: Holy Spirit, Kingdom of God


"My counselor zeroed in on the root causes of my anxiety, explaining the mechanisms of why I was feeling the way I was, and what to do about it. She was very loving and compassionate and approached my situation with a technical mindset as well. A very rare combination."

– Lay Counseling participant