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Topic: Blessings

Continuing The Work Of Christ

For some Christians, the goal of salvation is escape from Hell. In Colossians, Paul talks about the glorious riches that are available to us in the here and now. And while being in Heaven is a great part of our relationship with God, it is not even close to the fullness that Jesus brings to our lives. Read More 

Considering The Even More

Life can throw difficult situations our way. Marriage struggles, road rage, or in Mary’s case, being an unmarried virgin pregnant with the Savior of the world. How do we handle those situations? Our guest speaker, Steve Wiens, talks about how God always wants to bring his wholeness (Shalom) into every situation and that we, like Mary, have the opportunity to partner with God in that. Read More 

The Advantage of the Disadvantaged

In our world, we all strive to gain advantages to have a better life. However, the truth of the Kingdom is captured in the story of a crippled lamb. Greg shows us how, in the Kingdom, having advantages can be a disadvantage, and having a disadvantage can be an advantage. Read More 

The Gift That You Are

Christmas is a time of gift giving. In this sermon, Greg takes about the greatest gift that we’ve received, and he also shows how we can give back. Put on your thinking cap for this one. Read More 

thx a lot : )

It can be difficult to be thankful in life. Whether it’s a phone that stops working or a tragic accident that changes our plans, we have trouble being thankful during tough times. In this sermon, Greg gives us three ways to remain thankful despite what’s going on in this world. Read More 

Virtuous Ambiguity

God can be ambiguous at times. We seek clarity during those times; however, it may not be readily given to us. In this sermon, Greg talks about how to respond to God’s ambiguity by going up to God, out to others, and in for fellowship. Read More 

[Unfairness] Happens

Sometimes life appears to be completely random and arbitrary, especially when it comes to fairness. It can be bad things happening to good people or good things happening to bad people. In this sermon, Greg shows us that even though crap isn’t a part of God’s perfect plan doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a perfect plan for crap. Read More 

Trusting In God Knows What

When we lock our doors or buy insurance, are we trusting in God? In this sermon, Greg talks about what it looks like to trust God in a broken world. He also talks about what protection looks like when following Jesus. Greg also tries telling a joke. We apologize for that. Read More 

The Faith to Doubt

Faith is sometimes understood as the lack of doubt. Doubt can be seen as the enemy of faith; however, doubt is not always the enemy. When wrestling with God, it is important not to doubt God’s character. We will always have doubt about questions on a broad range because we are human and finite, but God’s character need never be doubted. Read More 

Questionable Blessings

In the final week of our “Kingdom Economics” series, Greg answers four questions that were submitted by the congregation and podrishioners. 1) Why doesn’t WHC teach tithing? 2) I’m broke! Didn’t God promise me I’d reap what I’ve sown? 3) If misfortune isn’t a “curse” from God, why think good fortune is a “blessing” from God? 4) Is America “blessed”? Read More 

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"You have a great thing going and all of you touch our kids’ lives more than you will ever know or words could ever explain."

– Barb, WH parent