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Topic: Power

Daredevil of Love

We are called to live as daredevils, but most of us are bound by fears of some kind. God didn’t make us to be timid people who are dependent on worldly things; we are meant to be free from fear and complete in love. He wants to set us free so that we have the confidence to be daredevils. Read More 

The Insane Importance of Prayer

Is prayer really that important? Does it really play a purpose in the grand scheme of things? If we believe the Scriptures to be true, it seems that prayer is “insanely” important – so much that we are to pray with “shameless audacity.” Some get bogged down with the idea of prayer because they see it as a religious ritual that is too complex and difficult to do in our regular lives. Yet the reality is that prayer is basically talking with God in an ordinary way about our ordinary lives. Read More 

The Temptation of Practical Goodness

When people think about “temptation”, they often think about thoughts or behaviors that seem obviously evil or negative. Because of this idea, it is sometimes assumed that temptation is something that can be easily avoided. What people forget is that something does not have to be evil in order to be a temptation. Sometimes, there may be several options to choose from that seem good, but that pull us away from what God would want us to do. Read More 

Dove Power

The heart of God’s kingdom is revealed in Jesus Christ as being a unique, holy and beautiful kingdom. Jesus did not come as great ruler, who cast judgment upon humanity and used his power over others. Instead, he came as a humble servant who ultimately sacrificed his life for us so that we could be forgiven of our sins and … Read More 

Calling Down Fire

The kingdom of God revolution is all about revealing God’s radical love and “good news” to the world. A central aspect to this kingdom is the Spirit of God operating within believers in empowerment and comfort. It is the first thing that John the Baptist mentions about Jesus and his ministry… “He (Jesus) will baptize you with the Holy Spirit … Read More 

The Myth of a Christian Nation Q&A

The Myth of a Christian Nation Q&A, (based Greg’s book) was led by Greg and Paul Eddy and took place on June 7, 2006, at Woodland Hills Church. The Myth of a Christian Nation was based on a 2004 sermon series by Greg called “The Cross and the Sword.”


The Power of Weakness

God’s kingdom is paradoxical. The paradox is displayed in how God uses our weaknesses to make us strong. In spite of our weaknesses, God uses us to bring about His kingdom. The things in our lives that we see as weaknesses or stumbling blocks are actually opportunities for God to reveal to us his power and strength in us and through us. Read More 

Bear Hug from a Manger

In an age when rulers were given titles like “savior” and “lord”, the true Savior of the world was born. The birth of Christ brought about a Kingdom that looks very different from the way the kingdoms of this world operate. In a lowly manger, God declared that his Kingdom was not of this world and that his love and salvation would embrace all of human kind. Read More 


The telling of the birth of Jesus is the ultimate example of how God brings about His Kingdom into the world by bringing about salvation (God’s plan) within a context of human power (man’s plan).The savior of the world came into the world very different than a worldly king would have entered. As we look at our world today, it may look like the Caesars of the world (rulers, principalities, powers) are in control. Yet, it is important to remember that God is ultimately in control. God is always at work in all situations, subversively bringing to pass his own plans and purposes and bringing redemption. Read More 

The Great Reversal

In Mary’s song, she proclaims that God has touched the poor but has rejected the rich. That he has chosen to humble people of power while lifting up the humble. In other words, those who look like they deserve the blessings of God miss out on them. The Kingdom of God is one that is upside down. It is the great reversal that does not make sense to our power-hungry and money-crazed world. God’s view of success evaluates life much differently. The world sees money and power as the sign of success. In the Kingdom, success is defined by what you do with them. Read More 

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– Laura, high school student