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Topic: Resurrection

Giving Birth To Hope

In this sermon, Dave Johnson (senior pastor of Church of the Open Door) takes us back to the opening verses of Colossians. Here, he explores how the “good news” of the Gospel provides us with a solid foundation of “hope.” This hope enables us to see beyond the difficulties and challenges that we face in this life. Read More 


On Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. While this resurrection points towards a beautiful future, there is also a need to live this resurrection in our daily lives. In this sermon, Greg talks about the resurrection and its implications for our lives. Read More 

Heaven, Hell and the Resurrection Q&A Night

Our Heaven, Hell and the Resurrection Q&A with Greg and Paul was on Tuesday, June 7, 2011. Since the release of Love Wins by Rob Bell, there has been a lot of discussion about heaven and hell (especially in Christian circles). They thought it would be fun – and helpful – to unpack some different perspectives about the topics. *HUGE … Read More 

The Fact of the Matter

When Jesus was resurrected, he was not in some far away place. In fact, Jesus kept pointing out to his disciples that he was flesh and blood. He ate with his disciples and let them touch his hands and feet. In the same way, our resurrection happens here on Earth, and God cares about the matter in the Universe. Read More 

Defiant Flower

In Minnesota, snow can feel evil. Like a flower that yearns to break through the snow, we should yearn to break free from the old order of things and live the Kingdom now. In this sermon, Greg walks us through what the Resurrection of Jesus means to our lives today. Read More 

Good Friday 2010

For our Good Friday service, Greg looked at the life and death of Jesus using three different Marys. Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene. Read More 

Growing Up Into Kingdom Adulthood

Jesus was frustrating to most people who asked him theological questions. When the Sadducees challenged him, Jesus set them straight on the resurrection, the role of women, and gave a few hints about heaven, none of which they wanted to hear.

Read More 

No Fear

Time is ticking away. Being alive in this world means that we are moving toward death, and to some degree that makes most of us afraid. That fear can drive us to many different sources of worldly security, but the good news (the Easter news!) is that no one needs to live in fear. Read More 

The Jesus Legend

During this beautiful Easter season, the most important question arises: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? The Christian faith and all its transformative power depends upon the truth of Jesus’ resurrection. Greg shared the top 5 arguments about believing in Jesus’ resurrection along with some responses. Read More 

New Insights or Same Old Nonsense?

Christ’s resurrection is miraculous! The claim that a human being rose from the dead, and is God, is very difficult to comprehend. We’re used to people dying and staying dead. Our culture is looking to new insights and reasons to disprove and disbelieve the validity of the Gospels and the resurrection of Jesus. However, the New Testament Gospels make the claim that Jesus is God, and that he indeed rose from the dead. In contrast to recent discoveries, like the Gospel of Judas, the New Testament Gospels have been proven historically accurate, and have withstood the test of time. Even with all of the historical evidence, we still, by faith, have to make a choice to believe. We can either believe that Christ was a liar or a crazy person, or we can believe that Jesus is God and that he indeed rose from the dead. Read More 

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– Lindsey