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When We Show Up

We want to show up this Christmas

At Christmas, we remember that God loved us enough to show up. God put on bones and muscles to come close enough to touch and hug and heal. Jesus coming to Earth changed everything for Kingdom people.

We can’t hurry by the hurting with a, “Be warm and well fed,” tossed over our shoulder. Instead, we are called to follow the way of Jesus and come close enough to touch and hug and help.

First, God shows up, and then—through the power of the Holy Spirit—we show up and help bring the Kingdom of God into the world.

We have enough stuff!

December: sales, shopping and Santas! Presents, presents, presents! This is the season we especially need to remind ourselves that although we swim in the water of capitalism and breathe the air of consumerism, we do not belong to that world. We belong to a Kingdom where “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Our winter fundraiser is an opportunity to “show up” and give to others, imitating God who “shows up” and gives of himself to us.

How we can show up

Between now and the end of the year, we want to raise $50,000 to do three things:

  1. Help the chronically homeless
  2. Support urban churches
  3. Rebuild homes in disaster areas



"My counselor zeroed in on the root causes of my anxiety, explaining the mechanisms of why I was feeling the way I was, and what to do about it. She was very loving and compassionate and approached my situation with a technical mindset as well. A very rare combination."

– Lay Counseling participant