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Help the Chronically Homeless

We’re in partnerships with organizations who are serving homeless people, and we want to further support their work.

Since 2014, Walking With A Purpose has gathered clothing, food and camping supplies and given them directly to our chronically homeless neighbors in the St. Paul area. WWAP spends time building relationships with people, finds out what their needs are, and assists them with love and compassion. Learn more at walkingwithapurpose.org.

$5,000 of our fundraiser goal will be used to make space in our building so that Walking With A Purpose can store supplies here and be a “home base” as they serve homeless people in our area.

We’re working with the U of M’s Minnesota Design Center to explore the possibility of building tiny homes for the chronically homeless on church land in the Twin Cities. This model was pioneered by Mobile Loaves and Fishes in Austin, Texas. They’ve developed a 51-acre community of tiny homes that provide affordable, permanent housing and a supportive, faith-based community for those who have been living on the streets. We’re collaborating with the MDC, MLF and other organizations to explore a similar concept for the Twin Cities.

$25,000 of our fundraiser goal will be used to create an uninhabited “demonstration settlement” of tiny homes to introduce the concept to the community, other churches, and local officials. This is an innovative idea, and it will require people to be able to see specifically how it would look and operate.

Depending on city approval, we’ll build the demo in our parking lot with the help of volunteers. If we don’t get approval, we’ll fund its construction at another local church site.

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"I have found, in you, a place where the preached word profoundly resonates with my own recent journey of faith and has cemented a new way of thinking, I suppose like jigsaw pieces falling into place. I am grateful that a friend pointed me in your direction."

– Elaine, from the United Kingdom