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“Today, around 55 percent of the world’s population is thought to be living in an urban area or city, with that figure set to rise to 68 percent over the coming decades, according to the UN.” — CNBC

As more of the world moves into cities, urban churches are reaching a critical segment of the population and need outside support to thrive in ministry. By coming alongside churches that we already have partnerships with, we can be a part of the important work they’re doing to serve urban neighborhoods in St. Paul and Minneapolis:

Roots Covenant Church meets in the Midway area of St. Paul. An intentionally multiethnic community, they see themselves as a community of “misfits on a mission.” Misfits don’t fit neatly into the categories that are set by the broader society, and so Roots seeks to help all misfits find a new identity in Jesus in order to bring new purpose and new passion to the city. Learn more at rootscov.org.

$5,000 of our goal will support Roots.

Beacon of Hope Church is in the Jordan neighborhood of Minneapolis. They strive to be a church in the community, with the community, and for the community. Their love for the Jordan neighborhood comes in a variety of packages: free community meals, food and clothing distribution, youth groups, weekly discipleship and prayer meetings, one on one support, and Sunday evening church. Learn more at beaconofhopeinjordan.org.

$5,000 of our goal will support Beacon of Hope.

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"My almost-three-year-old asks every day if we can go to church. Thank you, Woodland Hills, and all the Heroes Gate volunteers for creating such a great environment for kids. My husband and I met at WH six years ago and now our son counts down the days until we get to go again. My heart could burst."

– Lindsey