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Stop Going to Church

Paul and Sandra’s message called for a major shift in thought for many of us: church isn’t a place you go or an event you attend. Instead, church is what happens when those who follow Jesus gather and live in unity and obedience to who Jesus is and what Jesus does. Both speakers discussed the effects of this new perspective. Read More 


Prioritize and Simplify

Though advances in technology, medicine, psychology, etc., are growing exponentially, and the “gyre” of our world is nearly out of control, we are called by God to live in it (though not be OF it). Greg gave practical advice about how to live within the “widening gyre” that he discussed last week: strengthen our center by prioritizing and simplifying. It sounds easier than it is. Read More 


Having it “Just So”

The choices we make often result in more stressful lives, which, in turn, “stresses God out.” In our quest to have everything “just so” (from our cereal to our vehicles to our neighborhoods), the majority of churches do not reflect the diverse body of Christ. Read More 


Reconciling Churches

Both Sandra and Paul spoke about the many ways that the Church has failed in its health as a body. Much of the history of the Church reveals the tragedy of its inner conflicts. However, if a church or denomination claims Christ as its center, then we had better be prepared to be united with them! Read More 


Is It Worth It?

In this first service of the year, Greg took a moment to reflect on what we are doing here. It is important to make an honest assessment of what progress we’re making in advancing the kingdom of God. We inevitably face opposition in this world, but the task before us is worth the sacrifices that will need to be made. Read More 

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"My counselor zeroed in on the root causes of my anxiety, explaining the mechanisms of why I was feeling the way I was, and what to do about it. She was very loving and compassionate and approached my situation with a technical mindset as well. A very rare combination."

– Lay Counseling participant