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Topic: Controversial Issues

Free for All Q&A Night

On October 14, 2008, Greg and Paul tackled every question thrown at them at our Free For All Q&A. Presentation Audio Q&A Audio

New Age Q&A Night

What’s the deal with that Eckhart Tolle book, The New Earth? Is everything from the New Age movement bad? Can Christians practice yoga? Greg and Paul tackled these questions and more in June of 2008 at our New Age Q&A. Presentation Audio Q&A Audio

The Compassion That Heals

God chooses to engage us in all of our pain, division, and confusion to help us be healed. In Luke 7:11-17, Jesus demonstrates both the miraculous power and loving heart of God as he brings a widow’s only son back from the dead. Just like Jesus had tremendous compassion on the widow, we can also seek to show God’s compassion to help bring healing to others. Read More 

The Twelve

Jesus of Nazareth started a movement the likes of which the world has never seen. The Kingdom of God that was lived out in Jesus’ life and ministry has touched millions of people all over the world. What’s impressive is that Jesus began with just 12 chosen people. Read More 

The Myth of a Christian Nation Q&A

The Myth of a Christian Nation Q&A, (based Greg’s book) was led by Greg and Paul Eddy and took place on June 7, 2006, at Woodland Hills Church. The Myth of a Christian Nation was based on a 2004 sermon series by Greg called “The Cross and the Sword.”

Unlocking The Da Vinci Code Q&A

Is the Da Vinci Code real? The Da Vinci Code Q&A, led by Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy, took place on May 31, 2006. Presentation | Audience Q&A

Lessons From Anna

Anna was a woman that God used to speak to the people about Jesus the Messiah. It is significant that scripture records in this verse and in other parts of scripture that a woman was given a word of prophecy that was for all people (not only other women). The issue of women in church leadership is one that is debated in evangelical circles. However, scripture demands we look more closely at what it says about women leading in the church. Read More 


Lessons from the Womb

Greg started out by reading through Luke 1:13-17; Luke 1:42,44; and John 18:36. Luke’s gospel starts with the birth of a revolutionary movement—the beginning of the Kingdom of God. It’s like a mustard seed that though small at first will prove victorious in the end. We, as Christians are to be known by how different we are from the world. That is, how truly we love one another and the world. Read More 

In But Not of the World

In this sermon, Greg responded to the top five questions he received while preaching “The Cross and the Sword” series. Maybe you’ve been asking some of these questions: “What’s the difference between turning the other cheek and letting yourself be abused?” and “Are you saying that the church is politically irrelevant?” Read More 

Be Thou My Vision

Human beings have deep and fallen passions that propel us into continual conflict with one another, the theme behind “Troy,” the movie based on Homer’s “Iliad.” We are stuck in a pattern from which we can be freed ONLY by embracing the paradoxical kingdom of God. Christians are to imitate Christ, period; we are not called to create another version of the kingdom of the world. Read More 

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"Thank you for all that you are doing during these uncertain times.  My family and I live in California, but your podcast and live service broadcasts have been a source of strength for us as we navigate COVID and social justice.  I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your fearlessness and openness in addressing these “hot button” issues."

– Ryan, from California