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Topic: Pain & Suffering


The Dark Night of the Soul

Greg vulnerably shared with us something he is currently going through, what St. John of the Cross called the “dark night of the soul.” In his brokenness, Greg openly talked about his current struggle by referencing Psalm 73, which was written by Asaph, who went through a similar experience. Read More 


Walking Like a Zombie to the Grave

Sandra challenged us to go against the grain of the so-called American Dream and the materialism inherent in it. She also encouraged us to be critical of how we’re already being influenced by it and to allow God to work on all of the broken areas of our lives so that we can make an impact. Read More 


The Wounded Healer

Our wounds (emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual) in no way disqualify us from ministry. In fact, God often uses our healing experiences to assist others who are suffering from similar wounds. Dwayne affirmed this truth for us by appealing to its scriptural basis and by sharing a personal experience as a wounded healer. Read More 

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"Your gift of the website to those of us who are unable to attend is greatly appreciated. I am disabled and home-bound now. Having your website available to me has been such a blessing."

– Renae