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Topic: Relationships

Baby Steps

Forgiveness is central to who God is and how he loves us. In week four of Heart Smart we look at the process of taking baby steps towards both receiving forgiveness and extending it to others. Read More 

She Said, He Heard

The topic for our third week in the Heart Smart series is communication. Communication is the essence of all relationships and as such, it is a very important aspect of who we are as image bearers of Christ. We should see communication as a Kingdom activity worth learning to do well. Read More 

Brain Reign

In our second week of Heart Smart we look at the New Testament teaching on reigning over the relational brain. Understanding how God wired our brains can help us to learn how to take our thoughts captive to Christ. Read More 

Hunger Games

We begin a new series this week on emotional intelligence and the roles this plays in our relationship. This week we take a look at the role Jesus plays in our relationships and the importance of letting Christ be the source of where we fulfill our need for love. Read More 

Trading In Our Mud Pies

The Bible is filled with stories of God’s people being named and blessed by God. God gives his people a new name in order to give them a mission. Our guest speaker, Brianna Millet, teaches what it means for us to be given a new name through stories such as Abraham, Sarah, Jacob and Peter. Read More 

House Rules

As we continue our series in Colossians, we navigate a difficult teaching that was used to make a case that slavery was OK with God. In this sermon, Greg shows how this passage was a cultural teaching designed to teach about relationships that were never meant to promote slavery. Read More 

Honest to God

In order to be in a relationship with another, we have to be honest with the other person. The same is true for our relationship with God. In this sermon, Greg shows how we need to be honest with God in our prayer. Read More 

Soak It Up

Love is not defined by warm and fuzzy feelings. As followers of Jesus, we look to the cross to understand love. In this sermon, Greg shares with us why our love for one another is so important. Read More 

Seeking Shalom

All of us seek for peace in our lives, but peace is just a small part of God’s shalom. Shalom is right relatedness between us and God, each other, and creation. In this sermon, Greg shows how the Anabaptists seek after shalom in every part of their lives and how we can seek after shalom as well. Read More 

Immoral TOHU wa BOHU

TOHU wa BOHU is the term the Old Testaments writers used to describe the formless, empty and chaotic world before creation. In this sermon, Greg talks about how sexual immorality is outside of God’s plan for creation, and it leads us back to TOHU wa BOHU. If you are struggling with these issues and would like to speak with someone or you have experience dealing with this issues and would like to help others, please contact Andrew or Anita. Andrew – alangbehn@whchurch.org or 651-287-2062 Anita – abarton@whchurch.org or 651-287-2065 Read More 

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"Thank you for this ministry! It has transformed my life in some really radical ways. God has broken down so many barriers and exposed so many lies that have taken some serious burdens from my heart. It has given me hope, freedom and purpose I never could have imagined possible."

– Jenny, from Wisconsin