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Topic: Relationships

The Space Between

An ecotone is a boundary between two different ecosystems (such as a Mountain and a plain). In this sermon, Steve uses this to describe how we interact with God and with each other. Read More 

Our One Foundation

We see a lot of Christians base their lives on different things. Some base them on wayward things, such as government, the economy, their own job, or their health—the things that are here one day and gone tomorrow. However, Jesus says that he is the one foundation. In this sermon, Greg talks about how we are to base our lives upon Jesus, and also shows how Woodland Hills has done this. Read More 

Solo Mojo

Singleness is a topic that isn’t discussed very often. In this sermon, Greg talks about the stigma that is attached to single people, especially in churches. He also brings to light how the early church viewed singleness and provides three implications of being single in today’s world. Read More 

Honoring Your Mom, Dad and Your Father

Honoring your father and mother is an ancient command found in nearly every religion. Yet, families vary from person to person, and it can be difficult to honor some parents. In this sermon, Greg talks about how to honor your parents by forgiving them and assessing the reality of the relationship. By doing these two things, people can honor their parents in healthy ways. Read More 

A Family Affair

We’ve all dealt with issues in our families. In this sermon, Greg sets up the framework of understanding biblical family. This framework will help us understand how God wants us to relate to our families over the next five weeks of study. This sermon will make you go “hmmm”. Read More 

God’s Will in God’s Word

When searching for God’s will, the first place we should start is the Bible. It contains much of what God wants done in the world. Greg also talks about the difference between God’s ideal will and His accommodating will, prompting many questions about the way God moves in this world. Read More 

Defragmenting Love

All of us long for deep contact with God and with others. Yet, fear of judgment and having no space in our lives to develop deep contact hinder us when trying to find deep contact with others. God wants us to know that we need not fear judgment to make space in our lives for contact with Him and others. Read More 

Debt Free

When Jesus prayed from the cross, “Father, forgive them …” he was expressing the radical love of the Father that extends forgiveness to all the world. While such an expression of forgiveness is far from typical, it contains the ability to heal, transform hearts and release people to forgive others. Read More 

Stories of Poverty

The Importance of Knowing Ernest: Sandra shares experiences and insights that have come from her family’s “unlikely” friendships with people on St. Paul’s East Side. In our movement toward the issue of poverty, it’s easy for the ‘haves’ to feel heroic for seeking to give to the ‘have-nots’. Through her relationship with Ernest, Sandra explains what can happen when we pursue relationships instead of responsibilities, or people instead of poverty. Read More 

Angry Love

It might surprise you to know that Jesus got angry enough to turn over tables! There are times when it is appropriate to boldly confront others in our community. Read More 

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