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Topic: Simplicity

Defragmenting Love

All of us long for deep contact with God and with others. Yet, fear of judgment and having no space in our lives to develop deep contact hinder us when trying to find deep contact with others. God wants us to know that we need not fear judgment to make space in our lives for contact with Him and others. Read More 

Punching Clocks

All of us feel the stress of time on our lives. We feel tired, stressed and worn out over everything that needs to get done. God wants us to give up the idea of time as money so that we can gain the peace of eternity. Read More 

Ghost Behind The Wheel

In this first sermon of our Undivided series, Greg explores why we seem to be drawn to the busy life that our culture offers. At the same time, it’s easy for us to forget or ignore the beauty that God wants to develop in our inner world. Read More 

Stay Awake

As Jesus was warning his disciples about the coming destruction of the temple he instructed them to be careful lest their hearts be weighed down in various ways. This warning applies not only to Jesus’ disciples at that time, but also to his disciples today. Read More 

Shattered Beauty

When we read the Gospels, some of the words of Jesus may seem a little unrealistic to us. For example, in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus actually speaks about people not being worried about how they shall get the things that they need to live, like food and clothing. Many of us spend a significant amount of time trying to secure the things that we need to survive. So when we see Jesus’ words, we find it hard to believe that he could really mean what he said. Perhaps the reason that we have such a hard time with Jesus’ words is because we are not truly understanding what he was saying. Read More 


Hearing God, Part 2

Kevin Johnson, our community pastor, continued his two-part series. He began with an affirmation that it is the very nature of God to speak to us and lead us. Not only in exceptional situations but as a general rule! God is not a single independent entity, but a community of three persons. Community, and therefore communication, is as the foundation of God’s reality. Read More 


Prioritize and Simplify

Though advances in technology, medicine, psychology, etc., are growing exponentially, and the “gyre” of our world is nearly out of control, we are called by God to live in it (though not be OF it). Greg gave practical advice about how to live within the “widening gyre” that he discussed last week: strengthen our center by prioritizing and simplifying. It sounds easier than it is. Read More 


The Widening Gyre

Our lives are literally spinning out of control. Why is this and how are we supposed to live in it? Greg discussed exponential growth, J curves, and living inside the widening gyre. Read More 


Lessons from the Laid-Back Messiah on “Stuff”

Though often overlooked, Jesus took breaks, he slept, and he had fun! With our culture continuously pushing us to accumulate “stuff,” it’s difficult to find the time to relax. However, if we follow Christ’s example, we learn that as humans we have limits that we must learn to live within. Read More 


A Little Bitty Minnow in a Big Flash Flood

Americans are busier than ever — many would say their lives are out of control. Is this how God intended us to live? Greg introduces this topic through numerous real-life examples, including the perfect example: Jesus’ life. And guess what…he rested! Read More 

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