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Topic: Sin

Why Jesus?

Bruxy Cavey, our guest speaker from The Meeting House church in Canda, preached that gospel is the good news that God has come to us! God has done this to show God’s love, save us from sin, set up the Kingdom of God and shut down religion. Read More 

Poverty and Generational Sin

Generational sin is the ongoing effect of hurtful behavior that passes on from parents to their children. Not only do the children have to deal with this sin, but God too works with us to overcome these effects of past wrong-doings on our lives. Read More 

Good Friday 2009

Greg leads us in reflecting and then responding to what he calls “the central event that defines all history”: the cross. You are invited to join the congregation in a responsive confession (download presentation file to read along) Read More 

Repent or Perish

Jesus often taught about the love of God, but in this passage he also says “…unless you repent, you will all perish.” This is a very unpopular passage as it is commonly understood, as most people assume Jesus is using the fear of hell to scare us into repentance. The truth is that sin really does lead to perishing, but it’s not because of God’s arbitrary wrath. Read More 

Taking Out the Trash

What does it mean to “get saved?” Many people (especially people in the United States) see salvation as a one time event and the result of “believing” certain things about God. While belief is important, salvation encompasses much more than that. The salvation that God offers is a continual personal transformation where the trash of our old lives is replaced by the beauty of God’s Kingdom. Read More 

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

As a person with muscular dystrophy, Scott has countless personal experiences that illustrate the principles that Greg taught about in the previous two sermons. Scott has personally wrestled with questions about why some prayers are answered and others are not – most fundamentally related to why he himself hasn’t been healed. Read More 

The Growing Giant Jesus

An important reality about being a follower of Jesus is that you are always a part of something that is larger than yourself. This is because followers of Jesus are in the Body of Christ, a collection of people who have completely dedicated themselves to the Kingdom of God. Not only is there interdependence between the people who make up the body, but there is also our link to the Head of the body, Jesus himself. What this means is that the way that we see Jesus and his ministry will affect how we see ourselves as well as our mission in the world. Read More 

The Birth of a New Humanity

When we think of the biblical characters, Adam and Jesus, we often think of them simply as individuals. We do this because we are accustomed to thinking according to Western individualistic categories. However, as we dive into the genealogy described in Luke, we are faced with the concept of holistic solidarity, where individuals cannot be separated from the “organic reality” of a larger whole. It is through this solidarity that Jesus becomes the “New Adam” and provides the way for the creation of a New Humanity in Christ. Read More 

A Pigeon, a Lion and Deep Magic

God’s love and mercy for us is fully revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. Christ did not come to hold back the wrath of God; rather He came to deliver us from the bondage of Satan. Through sin, we are made slaves to Satan’s dominion. However, through Christ’s death on the cross, we are bought back from the power of sin and death. The sacrifices of the Old Testament remind us of the consequences of sin and point to a time when Christ would pay the price of sin for all who choose to believe in Him. Read More 

Escaping the Matrix Conference

The Escaping The Matrix Conference took place on December 9-10, 2005, at Woodland Hills Church. The conference was based on the book Escaping the Matrix, by Greg Boyd and Al Larson, and was led by Greg, Mike Davis, from Ontario, CA and Bobby Bodenhamer, from Gastonia, NC. Outline Manual Introduction to the Matrix (pt 1) | Audio Greg Boyd | … Read More 

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– Lindsey