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Recent Sermons

In addition to sermon audio and video files, many of our sermons have other resources available like extended summaries and study guides. Our archive dates back to 1992 and all resources are free to download and distribute. Most sermons are by our Senior Pastor, Greg Boyd.

Love Never Ends

• Greg Boyd

Greg finished the sermon series on love this weekend by focusing on I Corinthians 13:8-13. As Greg has been saying throughout this series, love is the center of the Christian experience. Everything in Christianity hinges upon Christ’s demonstration of love on the Cross for us and our manifesting that love to others.

The Light of the World

• Greg Boyd

Greg spoke this morning about the power of Jesus Christ as the Light of the World. In the Bible light and darkness are contrasted. Light describes the goodness and presence of God, while darkness describes the absence of God’s presence, or more specifically, describes a context of rebellion against God.

Love Bears All Things

• Greg Boyd

Is the Christmas season as pleasant as the advertisers portray it? Along with the wonder and joy of the Season, many people feel, at times, melancholy, bitter, and depressed. Whatever the case, is it possible to celebrate Christmas with joy if we are experiencing such “unseasonal” emotions?

Living by Faith

• Efrem Smith

Efrem Smith preached this morning from Hebrews 11 about living by faith. The Christmas season can leave many people feeling shaken and weak. Many people wonder, “What can I trust in?” Efrem preached that faith in Christ is what people need, especially during this season. In particular, he preached about ten characteristics of living by faith that we learn from this chapter.

Restoring the Image of God

• Greg Boyd

Greg talked this morning about the overwhelming significance of humanity being made in the image of God. If we will understand and live in the knowledge of this reality, we will experience profound healing.

Missionfield Youth

• Dennis Luce

Dennis Luce, Youth Pastor at Woodland Hills, shared his passion for reaching youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He shared how today’s youth culture is vastly different from earlier generations.

Love Does Not Insist on its Own Way

• Greg Boyd

Greg continued his sermon series through I Corinthians 13 by focusing on verse 5: “love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful.” As a general principle, love does not seek to control others. However, controlling behavior typically characterizes human nature. Why is this?

Love is Not Rude

• Greg Boyd

The “big picture” of God’s goal for creation is that we will learn to live in the center of His love. This is not a hypothesis but a lived experience where love comes to us by Jesus Christ. This transforms us and flows from us to others, with God at the center.

Love Does Not Boast and is Not Arrogant

• Greg Boyd

Greg started this sermon with a review of the past few months. The “big picture” of God’s goal for Creation is love. God wants loving creatures that embrace and reflect love back to God and to others around them. Sin interrupts the flow of this love to us. This leaves a void in our lives that is supposed to be filled with love. This, in turn, motivates us to find other things to “feed on” besides God’s love. But the world has limited resources, and we are created with an infinite need for God’s love in us.
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"My counselor emailed me the True You sermon from your Overwhelmed series to help me believe who God says I am, which was a game changer for sure."

– MK, from Arizona