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Cost & Travel

Cost Info

  • The cost for the program is $2500 per year for years 1-2, and $3500 for year 3. ($8500 total for the 3 years).
  • Students pay a deposit of $250 once they are officially accepted into the program, which applies to the first-year tuition costs.
  • Full tuition must be paid before classes begin each fall.
  • Special financial arrangements will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and scholarships may be available upon request and demonstration of need.


Annual in-person intensives
  • Each school year will begin with a week-long retreat/intensive in September. Students are responsible, if at all possible, to come to Minnesota for the week each year as part of their program requirement. (If a student is absolutely not able to attend in person, arrangements will be made for them to participate as much as possible via Zoom.)
  • Most of the cost of the intensive (local travel, lodging, food) is built into SEM tuition but some additional costs may be involved, depending on each student’s specific situation.
  • The annual kickoff intensives involve interpersonal connection (students to WH, to each other, and to the SEM leaders), as well as certain course lectures, worship/contemplative practices and recreational activities.
Justice Journey and Commissioning Week
  • This takes place at the end of year three. Third-year students will come to Minnesota for a 10-day period to embark on the Civil Rights Justice Journey trip to Southern landmarks in the civil rights/reconciliation movement, and to wrap up their SEM program with graduation and commissioning ceremonies and celebration.
  • Most of the costs of the trip are built into the third-year SEM tuition, apart from personal costs based on specific student situations.

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"Thank you for all that you are doing during these uncertain times.  My family and I live in California, but your podcast and live service broadcasts have been a source of strength for us as we navigate COVID and social justice.  I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your fearlessness and openness in addressing these “hot button” issues."

– Ryan, from California