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Program, Structure & Vision

SEM is a carefully-structured holistic, experiential and transformational equipping course. The SEM program guides students’ spiritual formation in four crucial areas: mind formation, heart formation, relational formation, and lifestyle.

Most regular, church-going Christians have never walked through a process of comprehensive “discipleship” that includes:

  • a solid foundation of a Jesus-centered worldview
  • personal healing
  • dynamic connection with God
  • solid biblical and theological training for everyday life as a life-long disciple-missionary of Jesus

This kind of discipleship is impossible to accomplish through weekly sermons and periodic classes alone!

SEM’s purpose is to equip future leaders who can expand and carry forward the vision of a Jesus-looking God, forming Jesus-looking communities, who impact their world in Jesus-looking ways.

Enrollment & Course Completion

Prospective students apply for acceptance into the three-year program and then enroll for each year of the program. Yearly enrollment involves committing to the nine-month program (September-May). Successful completion of each year’s courses is a prerequisite for students being eligible to enroll in the subsequent year.

Those who successfully complete the three-year program will be “certified” in Kingdom Missional Theology by Woodland Hills Church. This is not currently an accredited degree program. Certification may qualify participants for a number of possible future relational or leadership roles within Woodland Hills, or as an affiliate partner ministry of Woodland Hills.

Each of the three years of the program involves a different focus, and these can be taken in any order. In any given year, students will be in a cohort with others who are either in their first, second, or third year of the program. The focuses of each year are:

Worldview and Narrative Formation

  • God’s Grand Story – meta-narrative
  • Discover the Kingdom
  • Upside-Down Kingdom
  • Repenting of Religion
  • Being Church
  • Covenant Relationships 1
  • Spiritual Warfare 1

Personal and Relational Formation

  • Gospels Immersion – life and teachings of Jesus
  • Mind-renewal – imaginative prayer, practicing the presence
  • Soul-Shaping – spiritual disciplines
  • Covenant Relationships 2
  • Becoming Whole Hearted – inner healing
  • Spiritual Warfare 2

Biblical and Theological Formation

  • New Testament Letters / Exegesis
  • Bible 101
  • Theology 101
  • Radical Church History
  • Creation Care
  • Gift-Based Ministry
  • Racial Reconciliation – Justice Journey
  • Spiritual Warfare 3

Instruction will involve a combination of live, in-class teachings and online video teachings outside of class. SEM teachers include Greg Boyd, Kevin Callaghan, Paul Eddy, and other guest teachers.

Supportive SEM Community Connections

Students will connect with each other and SEM leaders outside of class to support their learning and growth journey:

  • Each fall begins with a long weekend retreat in Minnesota. Students will meet or reconnect in-person with each other over three days. The retreat will include times of worship, prayer, brief teachings or experiential activities, recreation/game times, and “down-time” to get to know each other and build relationship. Costs for travel, food and lodging are incorporated into the SEM tuition.
  • Students will be helped to form monthly cohort groups of 3-4 students, meeting on Zoom. These groups provide informal connection, processing, support and prayer throughout the three-year journey.

SEM Cost & Travel


"For so many years, I have been blessed by your music ministry. It takes me to a place that evokes so many emotions and feelings: gratefulness; honor; love; joy; hope; peace; strength. My heart feels connected to the heart of God over and over again as we worship together."

– WH Attender