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Everyone is hurting in one way or another, and it’s a privilege to help each other overcome struggles.

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Journey to Joy

Exploring ideas & tactics to fight against depression

Acts of Salt and Light

We have a happy update on our blanket and mask donations for the Maplewood family shelter. We were aiming for 35-40 blankets and 100 masks, but ended up with around 200 blankets and over 250 masks! Thank you to everyone who participated! Read More 

Learn & Connect this Winter

As we head into the cold welcome of the new year, we recognize how important it is to connect and grow alongside others. Amidst COVID and the cold weather, we’ll still be active as a church, even if virtually. We hope you take advantage of our online ministries that aim to help us all learn and grow together! Read More 

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"For so many years, I have been blessed by your music ministry. It takes me to a place that evokes so many emotions and feelings: gratefulness; honor; love; joy; hope; peace; strength. My heart feels connected to the heart of God over and over again as we worship together."

– WH Attender