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Below is a list of resources on our web site related this ministry. Feel free to use the filter checkboxes to narrow your search and easily find what you are looking for.

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Learn-a-thon 2023

As we head into our third annual Learn-a-thon, we encourage you to use our collection of resources to build your hope. Learn from the hope of the past, engage with the hope of the present, and carry that hope into future action. Read More 

Heart-formation in SEM

Woodland’s School of Everyday Mission (SEM) is a three year online discipleship school that focuses on equipping and shaping the hearts of Jesus-followers to serve others. While many of us think about school as a place of information, SEM emphasizes formation—moving what we learn from our heads to our hearts. Read More 


Good News

Meeting online on Tuesdays
An exploration of the intellectual basis for believing in God, Jesus, and the authority of the Bible. Read More 


Letters From a Skeptic

Meeting online on Tuesdays
Answering some of Christianity’s biggest questions like, “Does God know the future?” and “Do all non-Christians go to hell?” we will meet each week to discuss the answers given in the book Letters From a Skeptic by Greg Boyd. Read More 


The Holy Spirit

Meeting online on Sundays
Join us on an adventure through the scriptures to learn more about the Person and role of the Holy Spirit across the Biblical narrative. Whether you are academically minded or simply curious about the everyday/practical experiences of the Holy Spirit, you will enjoy this robust presentation and study. Read More 


Healing Heart Wounds

Meeting in-person on Mondays
A small group format where we’ll explore healing from heart wounds and loss through Scripture and mental health principles. We will engage in materials that explores God’s presence in suffering, the process of healing, releasing emotional pain, building resilience for the future, and forgiveness. Read More 


Adorning the Dark — Conversations on Creative Community

Meeting in-person & online on Mondays
Creativity can come in many forms, and we are each given different talents and abilities with which we can “adorn the dark with the light of Christ” – but this happens best in the company of others. This book-study aims to provide a platform for discussion around the cultivation of creativity within community. Read More 


Exploring Your Spiritual Gifts

Meeting online on Wednesdays
The Bible tells us that every follower of Jesus has been blessed by God with spiritual gifts. In this class, we’ll explore the biblical teachings on the spiritual gifts while also engaging in conversations and practical exercises to identify how God has uniquely gifted each of us to use our spiritual gifts to advance the kingdom. Read More 

SEM: In Person at Last!

SEM students left their Zoom screens, and traveled to Woodland from around the world (London, La Paz, Hong Kong), around the States (Texas, Colorado, Illinois) and around the Twin Cities! Read More 

4-D Love: Ways to Get Involved

During the Panel Discussion on September 11, Rob, Shawna and Greg talked about the importance of community, and love in four dimensions (love for God, love for self, love for others and love for creation). One major way we can get love all of these things more is through community. Below is a list of the ways you can get involved here within the Woodland community! Read More 

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"So many thanks for your wonderful messages and all you give to the world around you. I'm retired in Ecuador with no churches so really appreciate your online presence. So many Christians discourage questions, so this is refreshing, as are the Q&A sessions."

– Gretchen