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We try to share God’s love through missionaries we help support, and by sending people on trips to other parts of the world.

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Pray for Haiti

Sem and Cassie Lafleur are Woodland Hills Covenant Partners and run a ministry in Haiti called Technology Empowerment Research Centre (TERC). Haiti is in the middle of a severe crisis, and we asked Sem to share an update on the situation in Haiti so that we can pray for this country. Read More 

Costa Rica 2023

Camp Penuel, in Costa Rica, gives kids ages 7-11 a chance to get away from challenging situations and come to a space where they can just enjoy being kids while learning about the love of Jesus. Woodland Hills has been sending teams to support the camp staff since 2014, but this is the first team that has been able to make a trip since 2020. Read More 

Jesus Kitchen 2022

After a two year wait, Woodland Hills was finally able to send out another Jesus Kitchen mission team! Jesus Kitchen is a ministry led by Woodland Hills missionaries, Ben and Teresa Pothier, who have been doing this work for over 20 years. Read More 

Podrishioner Profile: Bryan & Stephanie Carey

Bryan and his wife Stephanie are missionaries partnering with local peace activists to bring healing and holistic reconciliation to broken communities in Bosnia. But the path that led them there has been a winding, challenging one. Read More 

Mennonite Disaster Service Mission Trip Recap

Hurricane Harvey was a category four storm that struck in August 2017, causing devastating floods and many deaths. It takes years to recover from a disaster of that scale, and this is where MDS comes in, offering help long after the news coverage has moved on. Read More 

Jesus Kitchen Recap

For tens of thousands of people, the biggest event of their year is something you’ve probably never heard of. Each summer, The Rainbow Gathering draws members of a traveling community, including traveling homeless youth, to a national forest for a time of spiritual seeking and a sense of home and belonging together. Read More 

Podrishioner Profile: Katie and Jeff Luehm

Katie and Jeff are faithful podrishoners currently working as advocates for vulnerable children and orphans in El Salvador. They were immediately drawn to Woodland Hills after listening to Greg speak about Christianity and politics on the radio program, On Being, hosted by Krista Tippett. That was in 2017, and they have been hooked ever since! Read More 

A Well-Oiled Team

The January 2019 Woodland medical mission team to Cambodia could count on two things in their daily routine: they would be up at the crack of dawn, and they’d fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. Everything in-between, however, was a new adventure. Read More 

The “Accidental” Church

For twenty years, A Work of Love has been serving the Nahuatl Indian community in Veracruz, Mexico through construction projects. They go as servants working alongside local people and full-time missionaries, Ed & Denise Aulie. This spring, Joe Kelly (Woodland Hills covenant partner) will lead an AWOL trip to begin construction on a small church for a growing group of families that have come to know Jesus over the last few years. Read More 

Blessing Upon Blessing in Costa Rica

The surprising nature of a mission trip is that you leave thinking you are the giver of blessings, only to find in the end that you are a recipient of blessings. Read More 

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"We just started attending last summer and we love it! This past weekend the music was so beautiful, I felt the Holy Spirit there and wept the entire time. And then the message on relationships spoke right to my own struggles. God is here."

– Nicole