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Weekend Services & Events

Our weekend services are often the most visible and tangible expression of our church, and what many folks think of when they hear “Woodland Hills”.

We have a lot of different services that take place at our building each week! Learn more about:

Our main worship service on Sundays
Echo, our student ministry services
Healing Well, our weekly support group ministry

Below is a list of resources on our web site related this ministry. Feel free to use the filter checkboxes to narrow your search and easily find what you are looking for.

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New Series: Dear Church

At the center of Revelation is the cosmic clash between the Lamb of Truth and the Dragon of Deception. But before we meet either, John delivers messages from Jesus to seven churches… This weekend we continue our mega-series, The Unveiling, with part 2: Dear Church. Join us for it at 10am, in-person or online starting Sunday, January 21! Read More 

Help us prepare for Christmas

On Sunday, December 10, consider sticking around after the service to help us get ready for Christmas! Help putting together activity packets, coloring cards, and setting up chairs for our Christmas Eve service. Read More 

New Series: God IS the Gift

Wrapping paper, bows and ribbons. Christmas time = gift time, right? But in the hurry and scurry of our Christmas shopping, it’s easy to lose sight of God’s presence and the gift of his son. Read More 

Snowflake Making Photos ❄️

Thank you to everyone who helped make snowflakes last Sunday! We enjoyed some yummy treats and warm drinks, all while having fun n’ getting crafty together for our next, wintery stage design. We can’t wait until you see it! Read More 

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"I have found, in you, a place where the preached word profoundly resonates with my own recent journey of faith and has cemented a new way of thinking, I suppose like jigsaw pieces falling into place. I am grateful that a friend pointed me in your direction."

– Elaine, from the United Kingdom