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Weekend Services & Events

Our weekend services are often the most visible and tangible expression of our church, and what many folks think of when they hear “Woodland Hills”.

We have a lot of different services that take place at our building each week! Learn more about:

Our main worship service on Sundays
Echo, our student ministry services
Healing Well, our weekly support group ministry

Below is a list of resources on our web site related this ministry. Feel free to use the filter checkboxes to narrow your search and easily find what you are looking for.

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Unite Conference 2024 Recap

On April 24-26, Woodland Hills hosted The Jesus Collective UNITE 2024 conference! Thanks to those of you who were able to attend! It was a busy, yet wonderful few days full of connection, teaching, workshops and worship — all amongst like-minded people wanting to Center on Jesus! Check out some photos from the event… Read More 

New Series: Good Heavens!

A scene change occurs in Revelation chapter 4, when John is moved “in the Spirit” from the earthly plane into the heavenly realm. Here he sees the wonders of God’s throne room where worship occurs day and night and where God governs the world as the slain lamb. This series takes us behind the scenes to the dwelling place of God and the source of all goodness. Read More 

Holy Week Through Peter’s Eyes

You might notice the art on the north wall in the Gathering Area changes from time to time. There’s something new this weekend: poems and illustrations that look at Holy Week through Peter’s eyes. Read More 

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"I'm so thankful to have found the podcasts in the last couple of months! The Lord has really been using them to encourage me and my family! "

– Mindy, from Georgia