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Pray for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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On Sunday we prayed a liturgy together adapted from a letter written by a Minneapolis synagogue. We share it here to encourage you in your own prayers.

Lord, we lament the death and destruction in Israel and in Palestine.

We hold it all together –the heartbreak at the attacks on civilians in Israel and on civilians in Gaza.

As a Kingdom community, let us extend our love to all who have been impacted by violence.

Let us pray for all who are grieving, for those who are searching for loved ones, and for those who are afraid.

Let us be brave enough to examine the root causes and broader context of this violence.

As a Kingdom community, let us invest in working toward a just and shared future, where every person is able to live in dignity and safety, without fear.

With our curiosity, humility, and compassion, let us counter the instinct to draw sharp lines between “us” and “them”.

Let us be a community of people working actively for peace, justice, liberation, healing and transformation.


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