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Race Conciliation FAQ

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We appreciate all the feedback and questions we’ve gotten over the last few weeks in our Race Conciliation series. Since there may be many people with the same questions, we’ve gathered some themed responses.

Why are we calling these “Race Conciliation” FAQ?

We use the first word, “Race,” in the singular sense because the idea of separate “races” within the human family came out of 18th & 19th century Western pseudo-scientific thought. As such, it is a social construct that fails to acknowledge the biblical view that we are all one human race.

We use the second word, “Conciliation,” in place of the term “racial reconciliation.” This is because (at least since the Tower of Babel) there has never been a time in history when all of the various human ethnicities have been harmoniously related to each other. So, we are not seeking “RE-conciliation” to a former “conciliated” state, but rather a first-time “conciliation.”

Click the question theme to read more detailed questions, and our response:

In addition reading the answers to these FAQs, we encourage you to check out this list of resources concerning Racism & Reconciliation.

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