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Israel Part 1

• Mark Moore

In week two of The Forest In The Trees, we take a look at the early history of the Hebrew people and the formation of the nation of Israel. Throughout these stories, we see a constant message of keeping faith in God despite their circumstances in this world.

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Last week, we saw that Adam and Eve were supposed to lead humanity in being co-regents with God here on Earth. This choice by Adam and Eve sent creation into a tailspin, and we still feel the effects of that today. Today, we are looking at what God begins to do about this problem. God chose a man named Abram to be the father of Israel. However, Abram and his wife, Sarah, were too old to bear children. And God never told Abram where he was going. But, God promised Abram that he would go with him. Because the outcome of the journey is not as important as the person you’re on the journey with.

It takes acts of faith to undo the problem that Adam and Eve created. Abram ended up following God’s promises and exhibited faith to follow God despite not knowing the destination. Moses followed God’s promise and set his people free from Pharaoh. The Israelites followed God in the desert for 40 years, always relying on faith in God’s promises to reach the Promised Land, Israel. Jesus showed true faith on the cross, when he faced death in the most humiliating fashion. And, after Jesus was resurrected, he commanded his followers and disciples with the same command he gives us. Go is the command of Jesus. It is the same command that God gave Abraham and Moses, and it’s the same command that the church has. We are to, with faith, obey God without knowing everything. And, even though this doesn’t sit well with us, it never sat well with the other people in the history of God’s redemptive act. But, we are called to have faith in God in order to undo the damage done by Adam and Eve’s decision, because faith is the counterbalance to evil in this world.

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Sermon Series: The Forest in the Trees

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3 thoughts on “Israel Part 1

  1. Michelle N says:

    This was one of the most powerful messages on faith that I have heard in a very long time. I was truly blessed listening to it and making the connection between my life currently and the Bible. It so encouraging to see that throughout history pain and suffering is a never ending re-occurrence and yet although this remains true the act of faith and the presence of the Lord knows no end… 🙂

  2. Ken S says:

    “Every act of faith is disruptive and unsettling.” Think about it … how could it not be true? Yet so much that is called “faith” in the church in America has no risk to it, rather it is to serve self. How little we understand faith.

    “Most of us are convinced Jesus is trustworthy enough to trust our eternal life with, but most of us are not convinced Jesus is trustworthy enough to trust our life right now.”

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