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A House Divided

Oct 04 2020 • Greg Boyd

We can’t turn on the TV, open our mailbox, drive by a billboard, or walk by our neighbor’s yard signs without being blasted with the reminder that we are in an election year. Left, right, and center, people are angry and anxious. So what’s a Kingdom person to do? In this series we take a hard look at living in a polarized nation, what it means to hold political convictions while keeping our primary identity in Christ’s Kingdom, and how to engage in difficult conversations without vilifying others. And in all this, we remind ourselves what it means to keep our faith and hope centered on Jesus.

Sermons in this series:

We Will Not Be Played

• Greg Boyd

One of the primary means the enemy uses to divide people today is social media. While social media has many advantages, it also is designed in such a way that it can easily be used as a tool of Satan. If we are not intentionally resisting the schemes of the enemy, we will too easily be played by them.

Topics: Conflict, Spiritual Warfare

Taming the Raging Elephant

• Greg Boyd

When we disagree, we usually assume that reason, not emotion, is driving the interaction, but actually the opposite is true. Greg explains how our default is to use reasoning to justify our emotions, and how knowing this can help us respond well during a heated discussion.

Topics: Conflict, Peace

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

• Greg Boyd

In the midst of a divided and polarized world, how does the church respond in a way that reflects God’s kingdom? To answer this question, we must understand the nature of God’s kingdom and how it stands in contrast to the kingdoms of this world.

Topics: Non-Violence, Spiritual Warfare


"My counselor zeroed in on the root causes of my anxiety, explaining the mechanisms of why I was feeling the way I was, and what to do about it. She was very loving and compassionate and approached my situation with a technical mindset as well. A very rare combination."

– Lay Counseling participant