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Do You See What I See?

Dec 10 2017 • David Morrow, Greg Boyd

The first Christmas had a unique guest list. Those who thought God belonged to them weren’t there, their invitations going to those considered outsiders. Join us this Christmas season, as we explore a God who does unexpected things through unexpected people.

Sermons in this series:

Christmas Eve 2017

• Greg Boyd

For most of us the Christmas story is a religious story that has become predictable over the years. But to its 1st century audience the Christmas story was anything but religious and predictable. In this Christmas Eve sermon Greg shares, how the Christmas story was irreligious and unexpected to its original audience and how if we look at the story with fresh eyes we will see a God that pursues us relentlessly at all cost, meeting us right where we are.

Topics: Christmas, Defense of Christian Faith, Faith, Love

Circles of Affection

• David Morrow

As we continue our Christmas series, "Do you See What I See: Looking at How to See Christmas Through God’s Eyes," we focus on the shepherds. As with most of Luke’s Gospel, being centered on Jesus’ interactions with the marginalized (including the shepherds as a key part of the birth story) is no accident. In Jesus’ day the shepherds as a people group were one of the more despised, untrusted, unclean, & judged people in society. In this message we learn how to stop automatically categorizing who’s in and who’s out based on superficial judgements of worth, and how to recognize the marginalized peoples in our own society and what God might have to say through them.

Topics: Grace, Kingdom of God, Poverty

Following the Box-Demolishing God

• Greg Boyd

Christmas is a time of year where we claim “Peace on Earth” and “Good-will toward humanity.” But do we really mean that nice-sounding sentiment? Even more so, do we really understand the story that undergirds this time of year, in the first place? In our new Christmas series, “Do You See What I See,” we explore Christmas as it was in the 1st Century: on the margins.

Topics: Humility, Peace, Poverty


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