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Rescuing Revelation

Mar 02 2014 • Greg Boyd, Paul Eddy, Shawna Boren

The book of Revelation can be an incredibly confusing and even frightening read, but it wasn’t meant to be either. In fact, behind the violent and alarming imagery of Revelation lies a world of beauty as we see the self-sacrificial love of Christ forever triumph over the darkness we encounter all-too-often in our world. In this series we take a deeper look at what the disciple John wrote and why, dispel common misconceptions of what it all means and celebrate our glorious future it promises.

Sermons in this series:

Rescuing Revelation: Q&A

• Greg Boyd, Paul Eddy

During our weekend services on April 12 and 13, we hosted Q&A sessions with Greg Boyd, our Senior Pastor, and Paul Eddy, our Teaching Pastor. We included all three services, so enjoy listening to ALL the answers.

The New Jerusalem Bride

• Greg Boyd

Revelation provides us with a beautiful vision of the future as well as a way to live in the here and now. In this sermon, Greg shows us how the symbolism of Jerusalem and the Bride shows God’s heart for creation and our holiness.

Topics: Community, End Times, Heaven

Holy War

• Greg Boyd

In our contemporary Christianity, there is a pervasive view that God acts violently during the end times. But this view stands in contradiction to the Cross and Jesus’ teachings to love our neighbors. In this sermon, Greg shows how God does not act violently in Revelation and instead shows how lamb-like love wins.

Topics: Controversial Issues, End Times, Judgment

The Lamb’s Roar

• Shawna Boren

The Book of Revelation was written to seven churches that were facing persecution for their faith. This week we look at the words Jesus gave to them in order to encourage them to endure during their suffering.

Topics: End Times, Pain & Suffering, Power

The Lion and the Lamb

• Greg Boyd

Many people see Jesus as coming back to this Earth as a roaring lion that will seek its vengeance upon our enemies. However, in this sermon, Greg shows us how God’s power is best expressed by a sacrificial lamb, and it will continue to be expressed that way in the future.

Topics: Conflict, End Times, Power

A Vision of Beauty

• Greg Boyd

Everyone believes the world will one day come to an end; however, we disagree on how, when and why. In this sermon, Greg begins the series on Revelation and shows us three things to keep in mind when reading the book of Revelation.

Topics: Controversial Issues, End Times, Fear


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