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Sep 13 2015 • Greg Boyd, Seth McCoy

From the earliest days of Woodland Hills, we have had a calling and a mission. These are consistent lines that run through everything we do, despite seasons of change over the years. Join us from September 12 to October 11 for a sermon series that will trace the calling and mission that inspired our past, challenges us today, and guides us into the future.

Sermons in this series:

The Priesthood of All Believers

• Greg Boyd

Ministry is not the work of seminarians or professionals. It is the job of each and every one of us. Jesus is the Hope of the World. But God is not coming to rescue us out of the world; he is rescuing the world through us. Today, Greg urges us to find our particular passion or gift and get to work!

Topics: Calling, God's Will, Kingdom of God

Choosing Hospitality

• Seth McCoy

God clearly shows amazing hospitality towards us from Genesis through Revelation, and yet we rejected Jesus, and we continue to reject countless others day by day. We have a superiority issue that Jesus confronted throughout his ministry, and he taught us to live a better way. It’s time for us to learn and practice some genuine hospitality!

Topics: Love, Relationships, Sacrifice

When God Fills His Temple

• Greg Boyd

In this first sermon of our Throughline series, Greg reflects on our history as a church, and reaffirms our central theme of Love: our first and last and only job here on earth is to do all things in love. Just as love provides purpose to a marriage, it provides our mission as a church, as well as to us as individuals as part of the body of Christ.

Topics: God's Will, Identity in Christ, Love


"For so many years, I have been blessed by your music ministry. It takes me to a place that evokes so many emotions and feelings: gratefulness; honor; love; joy; hope; peace; strength. My heart feels connected to the heart of God over and over again as we worship together."

– WH Attender