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Aug 25 2019 • Dan Kent, Greg Boyd

Sometimes it feels like we get stuck in our ability to be generous. Despite good intentions, our desire to give our time and resources gets sabotaged. We want to be generous, but to get unstuck we need to understand what’s standing in our way. We all admire generous people; how can we be more like them? In this series we’ll learn how our inherent generosity can flow freely and abundantly.

Sermons in this series:

Get to Not Got to sermon title

Get to Not Got to

• Greg Boyd

There are two fundamental hindrances to living generously as the New Testament teaches. The first is that of the wrong motivation. The common teaching in the church is that we give because we must follow the Old Testament law of the tithe. However, the New Testament provides a different motivation, one that empowers us to give freely. The second hindrance is the modern attachment to possessions. When we address these two hindrances, we will find that sacrificial giving is a "get to not got to" thing, thus finding freedom in giving our time and money for the sake of others.

Topics: Generosity, Greed, Money

Finding Your Foothold

• Dan Kent

Generosity is a tricky subject because so many think it primarily relates to how much a person gives. However, God’s view of generosity is different. It is about learning to live in agape love where we are not doing what we do in order to get more from others, but in order to give and receive love in a community. When we do this, generosity flows our of hearts in natural ways, with surprising acts that bless others.

Topics: Generosity, Love, Sacrifice


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