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Topic: Communion

The New Passover

The New Covenant, which was inaugurated by Jesus and we celebrate with the sign of the communion meal, is a reframing of the Passover Meal from Exodus. In that Old Testament story we see how God defeated evil by allowing evil to act upon itself. In the same way, the cross brings victory over sin and defeats Satan through the … Read More 

A Lethal Lord’s Supper

Today we started our new summer series called Loose Ends, which works to “make sense of the verses we skip”. Since we shared communion together this week, we focused on a strange verse related to communion — 1 Corinthians 11:27-32.

Blood and Water

Baptism and Communion are important sacraments to the Christian community. In this sermon, Greg shows us how the Anabaptists understood these sacraments and how Woodland Hills performs these today. Read More 

Got Bread?

Got Bread? In this sermon, Laurel Bunker shares with us the all too common desire of humans to want more from God than Jesus. We all want to never be hungry, but we first have to realize that Jesus is the true source and nothing else will satisfy. Read More 

Pressing On

It is a New Year, and many people are making resolutions to change their lives and make them better. In this sermon, Greg talks about how Paul viewed his life’s journey. Make a new resolution this year that will mean more than a few pounds lost. Read More 

The Who and The Do

God’s will for us is primarily about who we are and not what we do. When we realize who we are in God’s eyes, then it is much easier to find God’s will in our lives. In this sermon, Pastor Seuss shares with us some practical ways to open up to finding the Who portion of God’s will. Read More 

Stick and String

God’s will is foremost about who we are and not what we do. God’s original design for us was to express his beauty to this world, but that requires us to receive who we are from him. In this sermon, Greg talks about his experiences as a little boy and how his interaction with God has shaped his understanding of who he is today. Read More 


It is important to understand the framework that God works in before trying to understand God’s will. In this sermon, Greg focuses on how God wants to exist in covenant relationship as opposed to legal relationship. This is why communing with God and communicating with God is so important. Read More 

Communion in the Wilderness

At the Passover meal just before Jesus was killed he instituted the practice of communion. When we take communion, we do so in the time between the initial experience of our faith and the final fulfillment of our unity with God and each other. This space “in-between” is like the wilderness the Jews experienced after leaving Egypt but before entering the promised land. Read More 

I Dream of Genie-Jesus

As Christians we can sometimes lose sight of our true identity in Christ and become distracted by our lives, our interests, and our worries. We can begin to feel that God is a convenient “genie” who can fix what goes wrong in our lives or to bless our plans and ambitions. However, the truth of living in the Kingdom of … Read More 

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