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Topic: Creation Care

Bible DNA

Today we started out our new series called Long Story Short, where we will go through the whole bible book by book, looking at the key stories through the lens of Kingdom and Covenant. David started us out at the beginning in Genesis 1 and 2, to explore where the themes of covenant and kingdom show up and what they … Read More 

The Song of Creation

Many people face a “crisis of faith” when it comes to understanding the story of creation as told in Genesis 1. When read as a chronological account of events and compared to modern-day science, it’s often reduced to an angrily defended “matter of faith.” But the creation story is not a scientific journal – it’s a beautifully poetic account of a good God and His love for us! Read More 

Love: It’s All About The Cross

God designed creation so that we would live in community with God and express God’s love towards each other and creation. However, sin disconnected us from God. In this sermon, Greg shows how we were created in the image of God to love others and creation and shows us how to reconnect with God. Read More 

Seeking Shalom

All of us seek for peace in our lives, but peace is just a small part of God’s shalom. Shalom is right relatedness between us and God, each other, and creation. In this sermon, Greg shows how the Anabaptists seek after shalom in every part of their lives and how we can seek after shalom as well. Read More 

Creator of the Little

In Jesus, all things were created and are being sustained by him. Whether you think the world was created billions of years ago or 4,000 years ago, the only thing that matters is the sustaining breath of God. In this sermon, Greg tackles some of the ways in which we can view the interaction of science and faith. He also shows the beauty of a God who sustains the smallest things in this world. Read More 

The Fact of the Matter

When Jesus was resurrected, he was not in some far away place. In fact, Jesus kept pointing out to his disciples that he was flesh and blood. He ate with his disciples and let them touch his hands and feet. In the same way, our resurrection happens here on Earth, and God cares about the matter in the Universe. Read More 

Stay Awake

As Jesus was warning his disciples about the coming destruction of the temple he instructed them to be careful lest their hearts be weighed down in various ways. This warning applies not only to Jesus’ disciples at that time, but also to his disciples today. Read More 

A Sudden End and New Beginning

As Christians, we often give a lot of attention to passages in the Bible that refer to Jesus’ return, but often only to speculate about the end of the world. Instead, we should use these teachings to reflect on how we live here and now. One specific application of this principle is making daily decisions that honor God’s creation.

Read More 

Holding on for the Blessing

The terms “blessing” and “blessed” are spoken of in many different church settings. However, there seem to be many differences of opinion on what the concept actually means. One thing that appears to occur across the board is that we do not usually think about pain and suffering in connection with blessing.


Kingdom Parenting

This week’s sermon is entitled “Kingdom Parenting.” Greg kept our eyes on Luke 1:13-17 and pointed out that there is a prophecy being fulfilled here that might escape our attention if we read through this passage too quickly. It is found in verse 16 that John will “turn the hearts of the parents to their children” which echoes what was stated in Mal. 4:5-6. The focus of today’s message is what does it mean to be “kingdom parents”? Read More 


"I have battled anxiety for years, searching for something to help me overcome fear. I believe that through your sermons, I have found truth and I am more convinced of the extravagant love of God than ever. I finally feel like I am on the journey out of the darkness."

– Amanda, from Nebraska