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Topic: Family

House Rules

As we continue our series in Colossians, we navigate a difficult teaching that was used to make a case that slavery was OK with God. In this sermon, Greg shows how this passage was a cultural teaching designed to teach about relationships that were never meant to promote slavery. Read More 

Widows in the Kingdom

Mark 12 is often used to describe how we should give our money. But it would be a mistake to use a despicable situation to draw up expectations for giving. In this sermon, Abe Johnson shows us how this situation was not how it was supposed to be and how we should really interpret this passage. Read More 

Abba and Abasi

It takes a community to raise a child. Yet, in our modern world, we’ve set the standard that parenting should only be done by the biological parents. This separation of family from community is a tactic of the devil. In this sermon, Greg gives some principles of parenting in today’s world. Read More 

Reverse The Curse

Marriage is a complicated endeavor. Whether we have allegiances to certain models of doing marriage or we follow in our parents footsteps, we all do marriage differently. In week 5 of the relatively speaking sermon series, we will learn about what the Bible says about marriage, and we’ll hear what Greg has to say about beautiful submission to one another. Read More 

Say Yes to Arranged Marriages

In ancient times, fathers would arrange marriages for their sons and daughters. In modern times, it is the individuals who broker their own marriage deals. We live in a consumerist dating era where people can pick their own mate. In this sermon, Greg and Christina Cleveland give a few guiding principles on how to date in the modern world, and they also give insight into who should really be brokering our marriage deals. Read More 

Honoring Your Mom, Dad and Your Father

Honoring your father and mother is an ancient command found in nearly every religion. Yet, families vary from person to person, and it can be difficult to honor some parents. In this sermon, Greg talks about how to honor your parents by forgiving them and assessing the reality of the relationship. By doing these two things, people can honor their parents in healthy ways. Read More 

A Family Affair

We’ve all dealt with issues in our families. In this sermon, Greg sets up the framework of understanding biblical family. This framework will help us understand how God wants us to relate to our families over the next five weeks of study. This sermon will make you go “hmmm”. Read More 


Kingdom Parenting, Part 2

Greg reviewed the main points from last week which were: individually, we all need to “get a life.” By this he means we need to get out life from Christ so that we are operating out of a fullness, rather than a deficit. Then as couples, we need to get a life together! One of the best things parents can do for their children is to model what it is for parents to love one another and have a rich, vibrant life together. This week Greg focused on a third principle. Breaking the domino effect of generational curses through the power of forgiveness. Read More 


Kingdom Parenting

This week’s sermon is entitled “Kingdom Parenting.” Greg kept our eyes on Luke 1:13-17 and pointed out that there is a prophecy being fulfilled here that might escape our attention if we read through this passage too quickly. It is found in verse 16 that John will “turn the hearts of the parents to their children” which echoes what was stated in Mal. 4:5-6. The focus of today’s message is what does it mean to be “kingdom parents”? Read More 


Focus on the Family

Since we know that ALL of us have fallen short of the glory of God, the church needs to recognize that there are NO second class Christians. It is God’s grace alone that enables us to strive for the goal set us. Greg discussed ways that God works for healing and growth in both your genetic and spiritual families. Read More 

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