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Topic: Fear

Old Peter / New Peter

The Apostle Peter had to learn the hard way how to follow Jesus. His three denials of Christ—and then three affirmations of love—marked the major turning point away from fear and toward imitating Christ. Read More 

Living In God’s Peace

When we experience the peace of God, it frees us from fear and the temptation to take matters into our own hands. Read More 

Left My Worries Behind

Jesus warned his disciples about the coming destruction of the temple. This prophecy was fulfilled in 70 AD. Yet there are timeless truths to be found in this text regarding what it means to prepare for what lies ahead of us. Read More 

Getting Egypt Out

Greg shared an image that he uses to represent how principalities and powers pollute the “air” we breathe by drawing on the impact of sins committed in the past. Norm shared his story of how he got out of living in poverty with the help of a friend who provided key opportunities. Read More 

Mary, Did You Know?

One of the best ways to draw out the meaning of Christmas is to look at the experience of Mary. Saying “yes” to God meant she would have to pay a tremendous price, but she was willing. Will we do the same with our lives? We are called to accept that doing God’s will is greater than any fears we might have. Read More 

Daredevil of Love

We are called to live as daredevils, but most of us are bound by fears of some kind. God didn’t make us to be timid people who are dependent on worldly things; we are meant to be free from fear and complete in love. He wants to set us free so that we have the confidence to be daredevils. Read More 

The Return

Many well-meaning Christians speculate about the end of the world and the return of Jesus. The problem is that most of these perspectives vary greatly and can cause a lot of fear and stress. But when we hear Jesus’ teaching about the end of the world, he focuses us in a direction that is quite different than many of today’s popular ideas.

Read More 

Trusting Dad

So many of us have a messed up view of God. We don’t understand how our Father in heaven loves us beyond imagination. Because we lack a clear picture of God’s love, we cling to this world and all of its concerns. Our lives can get consumed by worry. But when we see the reality of God’s love, this world’s problems are small by comparison.

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Ravens and Wildflowers

As a society, we’re extremely worried. Concern about countless issues pervades our lives: our relationships, our kids, terror attacks, global warming, pandemics, the economy, living the American Dream – if we’re not careful, this worry can consume us. Jesus provides us with the Kingdom alternative to worrying, and it’s surprisingly related to birds and flowers. Read More 

No Fear

Time is ticking away. Being alive in this world means that we are moving toward death, and to some degree that makes most of us afraid. That fear can drive us to many different sources of worldly security, but the good news (the Easter news!) is that no one needs to live in fear. Read More 

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