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Topic: Poverty

Ultimate Compassion Conference

Following Jesus involves serving and relating to those living in poverty. There are more than 400 passages in the Bible (spanning over 3000 verses!) that make this point, yet this aspect of being a Christ follower is not often highlighted. Adding to the complexity is the fact that many of us do not live in proximity to people who are … Read More 

Stories of Poverty

The Importance of Knowing Ernest: Sandra shares experiences and insights that have come from her family’s “unlikely” friendships with people on St. Paul’s East Side. In our movement toward the issue of poverty, it’s easy for the ‘haves’ to feel heroic for seeking to give to the ‘have-nots’. Through her relationship with Ernest, Sandra explains what can happen when we pursue relationships instead of responsibilities, or people instead of poverty. Read More 

To Have Or Not To Have

Greg was careful to be clear that his challenge was primarily to those in the lower middle class of America and higher. However the principles apply to all of us: Don’t hoard the things of this world, but rather share generously with those who have less than we do. Read More 

God’s Heart For The Poor

We know that we are saved by God’s grace, not our own good deeds—but God still intends that we do good deeds. In fact, God saved us so that we can be restored to right relationship with God and all of creation. This restored relationship includes the activity (good works) that God has planned for each one of us. Read More 

Seeing What God Sees

When we ask the simple question, “What does the Lord require?” we get a clear answer from Scripture. There are many passages we could turn to for a response, but one of the most concise is Micah 6:8. Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God. Read More 


No one wants to be told how to spend their money, but Jesus was not silent on the subject. He warned against greed and storing up treasures for ourselves while calling us to care for the poor and those who are less fortunate. His words may cause us discomfort, but they confront a very strong individualistic mindset that is just as prevalent in the church today as it is in secular culture. Read More 


How does true spiritual change occur? Sometimes we focus on the outside and try to change ourselves through what we do. But we don’t become clean by paying attention to external “religious” behaviors. In this sermon we’re challenged with the example of generosity to the poor and learn that becoming clean is an “inside-out” process, where we allow the Spirit of God to transform us on the inside so that our outside behavior lines up with his Kingdom. Read More 

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"I really can't emphasize enough how much of a blessing WH has been to my wife and me. WH is the one place I feel comfortable to ask the “forbidden questions” and not feel like a heretic. God has used y'all to truly bless our lives."

– Jonathan