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Topic: Spiritual Warfare

Animate: Final Questions

This sermon addresses three specific questions as a follow-up to the Animate series. The first relates to the dangers of opening oneself up to the spirit realm. The second is about how we know what we sense in our imagination is from God. And the third questions whether imaginative prayer that focuses on Jesus alone is actually limiting. Read More 

Keep on Pushing

When we pray, we’re using our say-so to partner with God to bring about his will on earth as it is in heaven. But it is not magic. Prayer is a labor of love. We are pushing for God’s will to be accomplished, against all that resists his will being accomplished. Read More 

Praise Him

Praise Him! We may not always feel like praising God, however, there is something transformational about praise that realigns how we see God and how we see our own situations. Praise is one of the ways we fight against the lies of the enemy and walk in the victory of Jesus. Discover how praise can impact your life right now. Read More 

Defying Tanks

Jesus called a crippled woman forward despite the many forces working against her. She answered the call by stepping into the powerful healing of God, and immediately she stood up and praised God. We can see this as an analogy for responding to the call of God in today’s hurting world and the powerful forces that we come up against. Read More 

Speaking the Kingdom

Our passage this week shows Jesus healing a crippled woman. Jesus and his disciples regularly healed the sick and the lame and cast out demons by taking authority over the situation “in Jesus’ name.” This challenges us to consider the power and authority our own words and actions have in our daily lives. Read More 

Are You in the Game?

Followers of Jesus are called to recognize the spiritual war we’re in and “get in the game” because there is no neutral zone of safety. Casual Christianity is not an option from Jesus’ perspective – he makes it clear that we cannot settle for a comfortable faith. We are called out of safe (and boring!) Christianity into the reality of a war where we stand up for truth in the midst of a world full of lies. Read More 

Fighting the Right Enemy

Is there really a spiritual war? Do we believe that there is such a thing as a spiritual reality? If we don’t, we will engage the wrong enemy. Instead of fighting the powers of Satan, we will target other humans, often with hatred and violence. Spiritual warfare practiced through love and prayer is central to the Christian walk, but we need constant reminders in our Western culture that there really is a spiritual war going on. Read More 

Scorpions, Eggs and Prayer, Part 2

Why does it seem like some prayers work while others don’t give us the results we want? If our prayers don’t seem to work, who is to blame? God? Ourselves? Others? To begin to understand prayer, we must break free from a simplistic and commonly held “magical view” of prayer. There are many variables that affect prayer and faith and how they work together. Read More 

Scorpions, Eggs and Prayer, Part 1

We live in a spiritual war zone. We must partner with God to bring about his will on earth as it is in heaven. How can we do this? Simply through prayer! We can impact the world by laboring with God to resist the forces of evil through spiritual warfare. We can join in this battle by praying continually with faith and persistence believing our prayers will impact the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Read More 

Spiritual Warfare and Holy War Q&A

In July of 2007, Greg did a short sermon series on spiritual warfare that concluded with a Q&A during our weekend services. Unfortunately, time ran out with many good questions left! This Q&A from December 2, 2007 continues the conversation with Greg, Paul Eddy (our Teaching Pastor) and Woodland Hills local missionary, Phil Friesen. The Q&A focused on spiritual warfare … Read More 

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